Monday, September 26, 2011

Faux for 718 ! Learn Decorative Painting In Your Own Home, On Your Own Walls

Experienced home decorators Patricia Arnillas and Natalia Margulis will be teaching decorative finishes in Brooklyn. We created FAUX FOR 718 because we are Brooklynites and feel connected the local community. Here is what we offer: workshop-style learning for people who want to improve their home, but don’t know how. The possibilities are endless and include creating accent walls, mastering textured glaze finishes, metallic and pearlescent finishes, painting with fun stencils in children’s rooms, gilding mantles and frames, learning Venetian plaster, marbleizing, woodgraining, and more.


If you are one of the people who are shy to explore your creative side when it comes to home decorating, we can help. It takes a long time to master quality decorative finishes. That’s why we’ve designed FAUX FOR 718, a system of 'learning while doing' workshops, which means that you get to decorate your own home with one of us working by your side. If the professional is working with you on your wall, any problem will be solved on the spot and the wall will come out flawlessly.


You say when. Whatever your interior decorating needs are we may be able to help you. In addition to our workshops, we can put you in touch with a group of very talented and experienced -yet affordable- interior design professionals. This includes young and dynamic interior designers and interior architects, as well as general contractors and house painters. Whatever your needs may be, we will listen and give you advise and assistance.


We offer complimentary demos Faux for 718 at select events in the Brooklyn area. Stay tuned for info on our schedule. Hope these demos will inspire you to approach your home with confidence and imagination to make it the best it can be! You can always contact us for more info at


Finishes that would cost a small fortune if you hire someone to do them for you, but will cost you a fraction of the price if you are involved in the project yourself. Plus, with us you will learn how to do the finish on a large scale from the get go.


We are seasoned professional artists with a keen eye for the latest trends in home decoration and we will visit your home and discuss your vision with you. What you will learn from us will be specific to what you envisioned for your home and you will be able to apply it to your dining room, entry foyer, mantle piece, or bedrooms with someone from our team at your side throughout the project.

Please feel free to peruse our website to find out more about us. There you will find our selected client list and photos of our home finishes.

Natalia Margulis is a Brooklyn based artist and ceramic sculptor. For the past four years she has been teaching art and design to the young adult population of New York City. Prior to teaching, she worked as a decorative artist for Art Space, Inc., and Contraposto Art Studio, crafting fine finishes, murals, and wall coverings for exclusive residencies and hotels in the Unites States and abroad.